Go ahead, start one more thread about Eric Clapton and Covid.


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Oct 14, 2010
I wish Mr. Clapton a swift recovery. He has been a big influence on my guitar playing, I can't imagine a world without his music. I could do without some of his past and current antics. That said, he's an old man and he's still out there playing his guitar. I respect that.


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Nov 14, 2013
Thats one way of thinking about it.
For me humanity takes precedence, stopped listening to guys that kicked photographers in the face or those that sexually abused woman.
There is still plenty of music available.
We make our choices and draw our lines. I know where I stand on this issue, and I still have plenty of music to listen to.
To be clear, there is a difference between making controversial statements, and committing reprehensible acts.