Got my second vaccination

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    Aug 30, 2016
    My wife works in patient care at a hospital and volunteered to work the COVID unit last spring when this all began. She worked that unit until a month ago when they closed down that dedicated unit. She got her first Pfizer last December and the second in early January. She is 59 but due to her job was one of the first to be eligible. I am 73 and got my first Pfizer in mid January and the second in early February. My wife volunteering to work that unit had some people concerned, but with the testing and precautions the hospital had in place we felt it was probably safer than had she worked at Walmart, a grocery store or a home improvement center, etc.

    A lot of peace of mind to be vaccinated. I have a group of 12-15 old high school friends that get together for lunch once a month at many different locations. We had been doing this for 13-14 years and it was put on hiatus last spring due to the virus. Happily we finally resumed them in April. All of us have been vaccinated so we felt we were good to go. Good to get back to some semblance of normal life again.
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