Got to play a few nice ones..


Sep 17, 2020
I went over to my buddy's house last night and was fortunate enough to be able to play a few of his guitars that I thought I'd share. First is his 1983 Dan-O-Caster' with the output jack in the front. The original neck is gone and was replaced with a really nice Chandler Tele or Tele style neck. Next I got to play his 1977-78 Telecaster that has all the mojo! It has that natural relic and patina that you really can't recreate in a custom shop and it plays really good as well. Last but definitely not least, I played his Gibson J-50. 1959 I think. It is about all you could hope for in a vintage Gibson acoustic. He left the adjustable bridge on it which a lot of people change to a standard bridge. It is set up well and plays and sounds wonderful. He has a couple of really nice Taylor's as well including a Purple (like Prince's) 612CE and an 8 series of which I can't remember what model it is but the Gibson is the acoustic I always go for when given the chance. IMG_20211006_202022412.jpg IMG_20211006_203616238.jpg IMG_20211006_211742713.jpg
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