Gotta find a new jobby job


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Dec 13, 2020
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I feel for anyone in this position. I've quit every job I ever had due to poor management / owners. Except the one where 171 people got laid off when the company tried to raise price of product 30% for no reason other than greed, and the contract was given to another vendor. The problems in American industry are at the management levels, generally, not the labor.

Where I work now, ALL of our stoopervisors and "shirts" sit at their computers trying to figure out what went wrong LAST WEEK, while the factory is in chaos, without leadership, so next week, this week becomes another "last week", over and over. Inefficiency, poor scheduling, understaffing, underpay ( you can't live on $15/hour in King County, Wa.). Plus, flipping burgers pays 30% more.


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Nov 26, 2016
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There are plenty of companies desperate for good experinced people right now. I changed jobs in June after being at the same place for almpst 10 years. I asked for a raise to put me inline with the rest of the world was paying. I was told no, so I used the next work day to update my resume on their dime. I had an interview in 3 days, I interviewed with several companies over the next couple of weeks. I got 3 offers and got to choose the one that suited me. I didn't take the one with the biggest amount of money, I picked based on who I would work for.

You made a wise decision.


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Dec 17, 2017
About a year ago my company hired a new plant manager. The guy is an arrogant ***** and micromanages everyone. Employee morale has been declining since he started and in the past 6 months 3 members of middle management and a couple of the office folks have left. I can see the writing on the wall. The company won’t go under but it’s only going to get worse. Got my resume updated and gonna hit the job boards tomorrow.
I hear Vandelay Industries is hiring. Never worked in latex but I’m willing to learn. 🤣
I forgot to mention the company I work for is a very small, family owned factory. Maybe 100 total employees. Well before they stared leaving. Maybe 90 now.
I met George at a Festivus celebration several years ago, I'll talk to him and put in a good word for you...:D


Jun 2, 2021
Yeah it sucks. Not gonna leave this job until I land something else I just hate the whole application and interview process. I guess I’m old school because I want to work at the same place for the next 25-30 years and retire without ever changing companies again.
I hear you. Working for a small company is fun, you get more exposure to everything, learn more aspects of the business. But it's only fun if bosses are good and understand that employees are the most valuable asset. Mine understood. I had to leave it because of the move to US, I was crying on my way out. Bosses were very sad, did everything they could to make me stay, which btw made leaving even worse.

Here I work for a big guy but I saw almost entire teams moving on because of the issue you described.

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Jan 9, 2020
Hang in there Higgins, you got this! Lots of jobs in Quality mfg.

Workplaces have changed over the years, unfortunately they didn’t tell me.
The new standard Is job-hopping, never stay at the same job more than a few years (5 max). Many companies don’t respect how long you stay with them.

I was always told that if you stay with a company you get promoted, as the tier above you retires. That Is not the case today. It’s in their benefit to keep you at the same salary and position. When someone retires they just bring in new people.

The result is that any bonus or raise to your current wages never keeps up with inflation, and you are effectively making less for the same work. New hires are making more than you.

I was at my last job over 10 years, was well liked and got great reviews on my work. When the virus threatened the bottom line, they chucked me out along with most of the engineering team. Now (two years later) they are flooding the Indeed want ads looking for engineering staff.

I should have left after two years. I'm in my mid to late 50's and it's challenging to start over.

There used to be a stigma of guilt or shame around quitting your job.. don’t fall for it. It’s the new upward mobility.
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Nov 30, 2014
New Management can change the whole experience at a work place.
Companies have struggled to replace quality workers and are settling for what they can find. I have experienced this myself through the pandemic.
Alot of jobs out there but its not always greener on the other side.
Take your time and best of luck.


Apr 2, 2022
Best of luck on finding a new gig.

I left a job after 12 years that started off awesome and went retrograde and then worse when the CEO retired in his 50's. #2 promoted a bunch of halfwits that were more focused on reporting and metrics than actually doing productive work LOL

Took me three stints of 1-2 years at other jobs to find another gem in the rough on the 4th go round that is working out very well. The other three kept wanting to dump more work+responsibility on top and promote me. Been there done that in the past... never again ;)