Greatest live concert?


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Nov 14, 2020
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Radiohead Amnesiac Tour... Shoreline Amphitheater. Mesmerizing...

June 27 2001? If so, I saw them three days after you at the Santa Barbara Bowl. That show was pretty amazing. Full moon, had my girlfriend, walked there from the house, and the sound there is just amazing with the bowl tucked into the hills. Would have rather seen Floyd though in 1973. I was looking at their setlist in Boston and it went from Echoes right into a full rendition of Dark Side.

Will Lefeurve

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Mar 1, 2016
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Seen loads but one stands out above all.. Calvin Russell at the at Le Trapendo / Paris.. :cool:



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It's so hard for me to admit, but the best live show I have ever seen was Hank Williams Jr. back around 1985 or '86.
I was not a fan, but was talked into going with a record store work colleague (by a free ticket and a fifth of Jack Daniels).
Jr. did an acoustic set in the middle of the show, and I was blown away.
It was really great, and I found myself a fan of Jr. after that.

Other great notables were SRV/Lonnie Mack; SRV/Toy Caldwell; Jason and the Scorchers; John Hammond Jr.; Todd Snider; Robert Earl Keen/Lyle Lovett; Two Cellos


Oct 21, 2021
Best concert I have attended was ZZTOP
Unbelievable live band. It was the CHEAP SUNGLASSES tour

Interesting sidenote:
Ive never seen so many people throwing up in one place in my life

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