Greetings from Wales (UK)!


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Apr 8, 2022
Wales / UK
I got a couple of random links to Strat-Talk from one of my newsfeeds, and as I read them, I found myself receiving more and more.

It seems like a friendly place to talk about guitars! There is also lots of humour, so I just had to join!

I fell in love with the with the shape and sound of the Stratocaster about 40 years ago and am now fortunate enough to own a couple.

However, when I started playing live, I really began to appreciate the simplicity and robustness of the Telecaster. But for me, nothing comes close to the beauty of a Stratocaster.

My main interests are 50’s and 60’s rock & roll, instrumentals (I can't sing), and surf music.

Ability-wise I describe myself as competent. (The Greatest Has-Been that Never Quite Was…. I’m sure you know what I mean!)

I’ve got plenty of questions, and a few opinions, which I’ll put in separate posts.

I’m very much looking forward to chatting with you.


Sep 5, 2020
Detroit, MI
Cyfarchion o'r Unol Daleithiau a chroeso i sgwrs Strat! Ok, I don't speak Welsh so i had to go on Google translate to get this translation but for everyone else (and maybe even you!) Greetings from the United States and welcome to Strat Talk. You will enjoy this site as much as you enjoy playing your Strats, I've been playing guitars since 1976 but only finally got a Strat a couple of years ago to go along with my other guitars, I wish I had purchased one much earlier, as they are great guitars with a lot of versatility. If you like surf music (I do too!), then you know that Dick Dale used Fender Stratocasters as his primary guitar and Al Jardine, the rhythm guitarist/vocalist for the Beach Boys was/is a Strat player as well.


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Apr 8, 2022
Wales / UK
I thank you all for your kind and generous welcome messages.

But DanielB from Detroit deserves a special mention: He took the trouble to use Google Translate so that he could welcome me is Welsh. As it happens, I don’t speak the language (neither am I indigenous Welsh) so I had to use Google Translate to read the message in English!

Again, thanks to you all.

You asked for pictures, so here they are.

The red Strat is a fabulous looking and sounding guitar. It was my first ‘proper’ guitar, which I’ve had for about 30 years. There’s a story behind it – in short, I don’t know what it is, or even if it’s a genuine Fender. I know what it’s supposed to be (50’s reissue) but it’s a bit of a mystery, and this will be the topic of my next post.

The sunburst (Roland Ready) Strat is an outstanding and excellent guitar but lacks the ability to thrill me like the red on. I use it to drive a Roland GR55 synth to play the saxophone or brass parts often found in 50’s and early 60’s rock & roll, instrumentals, and surf music.

The three Squiers are all built from (eBay) parts. Notice they all just have a single pickup and volume control -
found this to be the best set up for performing. Again, there is an interesting story, which will surface in due course.

The final picture is of my Washburn. This is my only guitar that I’ve have owned from new, even though I didn’t buy it myself. (My experience with new guitars is another, unhappy, story, for another post). My wife bought the Washburn for me about 20 years ago because (as she put it) ‘it looked like a nice piece of wood’. Yes, I’m very happily married! I don’t play this guitar much because it doesn’t give me my ‘sound’, and it doesn’t fit me comfortably in the same way a Strat does.

That’s all for now, but I’m looking forward to my further conversations with you.

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