Guitar Center Card debacle


Feb 8, 2017
Harpers Ferry WV
Last week I made a purchase for my Father on GC--A Yamaha Flugelhorn.

Initially, I tried to use my GC Card but could not complete transaction (kept getting error message and to call 1-800 number). After trying a few more times called, no answer so used another card to seal the deal.

The Horn arrived and end of story....until I looked at my GC account: It's shows five "pending" transactions for $2K. Well...this got my undivided attention so started the process with Chat line (useless), just sent a secure email and will follow-up tomorrow with a phone call.

Has anything like this happened to anyone? Hoping it will be easy resolution or I will be starting my own horn shop!

Triple Jim

Guy Who Likes to Play Guitar
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Feb 27, 2018
North Carolina
It's not uncommon. I had a card declined at the local Lowe's, and it turned out that the card company had detected suspicious activity and suspended it. I phoned them at the cash register, they asked me a couple questions to prove it was me, and put the charge through. I was also asked to call them when I got home to close the account and get a new card.


Play Don't Worry
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May 15, 2009
New England
Nothing to worry about unless those pending charges convert to completed charges - which is unlikely. 99.99% chance they will just drop off and disappear, although it may take several days.