Guys Only - Do You Dye Your Hair?

Do You Dye Your Hair?

  • Yes

    Votes: 13 9.8%
  • No

    Votes: 120 90.2%

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The Knees of Rock
Apr 25, 2012
New Jersey
My wife and I were just discussing this the other day but more regarding beards. The truth is our hair isn't a single color. It's a blend of many shades to give us that brown or whatever our hair color appears. With dyes, you get a single consistent color and that's exactly what makes it look odd and unnatural...particularly dyed beards.

All a moot point for me though. I don't wear facial hair and what's left on top isn't worth dying.


Senior Stratmaster
Dec 14, 2018
Why or why not? If you voted yes what is your go to hair dye?
Like dye it to hide the fact you're going gray or for a look? Like dying your hair blue.

I don't bother hiding my gray, nothing funnier looking than a guy with nice dark black hair and a 70 year old face.


Vivamus libero Vivamus duris
Jun 5, 2013
i dyed mine because im doing the punk thing for awhile.
i needed a change.
cut my long hair and facial hair off too.
here is before....


Mar 28, 2021
Chicago suburbs
My first greys started coming in at age 15 (gee thanks, Dad!), and full silver by 35. Never felt the need to dye it - I never minded it a bit. Just how I am.

Plus, it seems men’s hair dye is still not great - you can almost always tell, while for women dye can look so natural. And men’s hair dye is so often either overdone or guys wind up with that “premature orange” look, especially when seen in the sun.


Senior Stratmaster
Mar 4, 2014
Storage B
If I was looking for a job and having no luck, I might do that (because I think I look younger than my 63 years, other than my hair), but since I plan on retiring at the end of the summer, I have no reason to do so, other than to make Mrs. bsman suspicious!


Sep 1, 2020
I look forward – and hope to be blessed enough – to one day to have (more... I have one or two popping up!...) grey hair. And with the utmost respect to those that do dye their hair, for whatever reason (honestly, each to their own – I absolutely do not judge...) – I can't help but feel – and suggest, that not doing so – is more often than not, the best course of action.

Take John Travolta for example – on the left, we see... well I don't need to say much – it suffices to say he appears... ill at ease with himself. But... if we look on the right – what can we see here? The absolute picture of health – happy, content, free, healthy, at total peace with himself – indeed he looks MUCH younger, except of course – he is 4 years older!

Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 15.48.14.png

Of course, people do these things for various reasons – all of which can be PERFECTLY valid to the individual, I just think – being yourself, exactly how you are meant to appear, at any given time in your life – is your STRENGTH, and quite literally *owning* how you look – makes life a lot easier, it is also *highly* liberating. And liberation, of course – is GREAT :thumb: !!

Just my opinion though!

monte merrick

Most Honored Senior Member
depends on the hair color is hard to alter without bleaching first, so not a lot because bleaching is pretty hardcore..
its been quite a few years (8 or 10)... last time i dyed it i used eggplant... quickly faded to copper though... a shame - i liked that dark purple color..
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Senior Stratmaster
Oct 14, 2010
I'm 51. Beard is graying and lots of gray coming in on the sides of my scalp. I've been married a long time and gave up being sexy several years ago. No dye for me.