Happy New Lightsaber Day....


Dr. Stratster
Sep 25, 2012
In a van down by the river
We try to do a Disney trip every 4-5 years. This year we got a group rate through the dance school my girls go to so we took advantage. The Star Wars section in Hollywood Studios is pretty awesome if you're a Star Wars geek like me. Since this might be our last trip all together since we have kids heading off to college soon we decided to do some extra things. My wife insisted I build a lightsaber with my boy. It was a little pricey but now he has a cool memory. And the quality of the hilt is really great. Heavy duty metal parts and a "Kyber" crystal that can be swapped... which is good because I wanted him to do a green or purple crystal to go with the jedi themed hilt but he went with red LOL.

It was a fun experience. Look forward to going again. We're too big of a family to go often but this was a good trip.