Headed for OK City

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Dr. Stratster
Feb 15, 2014
Family is everything and with family any hardship can be passed and endured.

I am sure he will be fine after some time in the hospital and come out 100%. Keep your hope and faith up and I am sure your brother will be just fine!!

Prayers sent your way and much love Lonn to you, family and brother.


Mod Admin
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Jul 6, 2014
Carmel IN
Thanks all for the kind words. Took me 12.5 hours to get here thanks to torrential rain for 9 hours and a half dozen wrecks, two of which I helped with being first on scene. Long story short, my brother is not good at all. He's on life support and sedated but can respond with head nods to yes or no questions. I'll be staying in his room while I'm here and my other brother is coming in from Germany Saturday night. Freaking rough. That's all I've got the strength to write about the situation at the moment, I'm emotionally and physically whipped.
Not open for further replies.