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Dr. Stratster
Oct 16, 2018
brass block on a spyder

I mentioned in my thread about seeing if anyone has ever put a brass block on a kahler spyder even tho the block dose not come off. But has anyone ever heard of having the block machined off and being fitted with a brass block??? I'd love to hear some feedback!!!
Let me know if you need any spider parts. I have some extras that I would be willing to part with, unless I get a Vandenberg.


Senior Stratmaster
Jul 15, 2020
Mid West
Thanks for bumping this Thread.
I had no idea it existed.
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This is another Owner's Thread
thats for HM Stats.


Nov 10, 2018
Bay Area, CA
Wanted to start a Fender Strat Metal Players Club mainly because I get tired of hearing that Fender Stratocasters aren't good for Metal...........
Been playing metal for 30+ years. My everyday player is my '97 American Standard. I'll put it up against any active pickup job anytime. It's all in the hands. I take out my '89 HM when I really want to get nasty.
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