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Nov 24, 2022
A little bit more about me:

I'm a cardiologist, in my 40s. As a kid I passed exam to music school, but difficulty obtaining an instrument (communism etc) eventually led to not attending. About 10 years ago I started music school for adults - classical guitar. Did not click, quit after 2 years. Few years later I got an Epiphone Les Paul for my birthday - didn't bond either, although I finally started learning electric guitar, but then, a year later, came blonde Strat. And from that day I was hooked. Got myself an All Access Truefire tuition and started blues learning path. 2 years in, I love my Strat even more. It's like a piece of me. Wonderful object. Few months ago as a sidekick I purchased Jazz Bass, Fender MIM this time, and also love it a lot. In the last few years absolutely every aspect of my life has changed, but music was there and is there to stay. With an incarnate of it - Stratocaster.


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