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Nov 10, 2018
Bay Area, CA
Guitarist from Ireland here. Owner of three Strat-style guitars (Legend, Squier, Kay). Currently doing a refinish job on a Kay strat copy, will be posting updates about that. Look forward to talking further about Strat projects on this forum...
You've come to the right place! Welcome!


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Mar 24, 2023
Galway, Ireland
^ This is my Legend Strat copy from around 1993. The first electric guitar I owned, have had it since I was 14. Love this guitar. Has got quite a wide neck, alder body. Very nice sounding guitar. Restored it a couple of years ago, it had been lying unused as I had gotten out of guitar playing, but I got back into it through restoring this one. I replaced the electronics and put in a set of Warman Vintage pickups, it is now a guitar I play regularly.
^ 2019 Squier Affinity Strat, modded. Have been fiddling about with the electronics on this, trying different pickups. At one point I had just a pair of Epiphone Probuckers in there with Les Paul-style wiring (I had to modify the control cavity to fit this in). But now I have added a single coil. Still need to do some work on this one, will want a proper HSH pickguard as this one is just a butchered HSS guard. Will redo the wiring into something more appropriate now that I have added a single coil.
^ Kay K-32 Strat copy, early 1970s. Bought this cheap recently. Preparing for refinish. The previous owner did a paint job on it which I have been stripping off. It had black stripes on the body, the neck/headstock had thick black paint also. Unfortunately some of the black paint seems to have seeped right down into the wood grain, leaving it discoloured - I am thinking I might have to refinish it in a dark colour to mask this. Still deciding how to proceed.

It's actually a great sounding guitar, sounds way better than it looks. It's a hardtail. There are some things about the construction that are very non-standard if you are used to modern guitars. For instance, the neck is far narrower than any modern neck I have played. But luckily I like narrow necks so this is a bonus for me.


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Nov 23, 2022
Welcome Aonghus. Nice guitars.

Fellow paddy here. Not here long myself. There are some very nice people here including Simon above.

Nice place to nerd out.

They'll probably pronounce it Angus. ;)

But that's cool too.