Hey, I ALSO got a Les Paul Special in TV yellow today!


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May 20, 2016
In the never ending search for new tones, I've been on the lookout for a guitar with a P90 in the bridge. (I own a Danelectro 59X12 which I currently have only six strings on. It has a neck P90 and it's a killer guitar.)

Money is an issue, so I've been looking for used import stuff. My very short list includes a Yamaha RS502T and several Epiphones. Casino, Les Paul Special, LP Special II, Junior and SG. Maybe an Agile or SX.

Late last week I saw a 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Special in TV yellow with P90's pop up used on GC for $250. $289 to my door. They sell for 400 new. There were no pictures, but it was listed in excellent condition, so I jumped on it. It was coming to Indianapolis from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

It arrived via UPS today at 12:30. Being an excitable sort, I quickly opened the box. Well wrapped in bubble wrap and paper. I took it out and put it in a guitar stand to see how it looked. Looked beautiful. Very yellow under bright light, but much more butterscotch looking in low light. Here's a pic.


They loosened the strings for its journey. I quickly grabbed one of my 15 trusty Snark tuners and began tuning up. Right away with the low E string I could tell these were quality tuners. Got the E,A and D all tuned up. So far so great! Started tuning up the G string and POP.

Now, I've been playing guitar for 33 years, and I'm familiar with the possibility of tuning issues on the G and B strings. I've even owned one or 40. Never had THIS happen.

After uttering a few expletives of surprise, I got on the phone to Scranton GC. They said no problem, just get it to a Guitar Center and they'll issue a full refund. So that's what I did. All taken care of.

I'm a little bummed that I didn't get to own and play it for more than 10 minutes, but I'm not mad. Pretty funny, really. Them's the breaks.

Guitars come and go. Some I have a hard time remembering. I think I'll remember this one.


Dec 3, 2008
Wow ! Beautiful guitar, that’s to bad. I would love to have one like that myself, except for the broken part. I’m glad that they took care of you. Better luck next time.


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May 20, 2016
That's a shame, either it had a traumatic trip on its way to you or the scarf joint was badly glued.

It wasn't your fault. Are you gonna replace it with another one?
If I can find one for a similar price, you bet. It had promise. I think.

I did play a 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Junior today at the guitar store and it played and sounded great. I much prefer the yellow to the dark sunburst though. I suppose I could always paint it.


Jun 2, 2016
Santa Cruz
Les Paul Special.....Yikes, what was I thinking.

Mine came with a case because, mine is not an Epi, mine is aGibson...My bad


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Jul 28, 2011
GC being GC they probably will toss it in the dumpster bin at the end of the day. The body looks great, it could be salvaged and fixed.
From what I know, they'll probably duct tape it back together and put it back out on display. Being sarcastic, but a lot of what the techs there do, is repairing (with varying amounts of skill) some of the crap that happens from shipping, or from doofuses damaging their stuff, in the store, and making it look ready to sell.

Their return policy is awesome, though.


Jan 5, 2020
St Louis
Ouch - sorry that you went through the excitement of a new guitar only to have the headstock immediately break off on you - hope you get a replacement very soon!!


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Jan 8, 2016
They say a les Paul isn't "seasoned" until it has a headstock repair.
I for one hope my les Paul stays "unseasoned".

At least you get a refund, which is good. Will you try again? Or has this put you off?


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Nov 26, 2016
Western NY, USA
That makes no sense to me. I've never seen an Epiphone or Gibson break exactly like that. The scarf joint on an Epi joins a straight-grained headstock to a straight-grained neck, and typically that joint runs at an angle, so this break isn't immediately adjacent to the joint. This break is perpendicular to the neck. Maybe the box got dropped (really, REALLY, dropped) on that end.