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Hipshot Tremolo difficulties

Discussion in 'Tech-Talk' started by Emanresu, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Emanresu

    Emanresu New Member!

    Mar 4, 2018
    New York, NY

    I recently splurged and bought a high-end strat clone that came with a Hipshot Tremolo. The reviews on these things are great. But on mine, there are two issues that make this tremolo seem terrible to me: (1) there is a lot of wobble/play in the arm (even with the set screw fairly tight); smooth is about the last adjective I would use to describe this tremolo arm (compared to Gotoh 510, G&L dual fulcrum, Charvel/Floyd Rose non-fine tuner, Tom Anderson - just about any tremolo I have ever played is smoother than this; and (2) if I adjust the set screw to a tension where it is pretty easy to swing the arm but it stays in place where I leave it, it is impossible to pull the arm in and out of the bridge and it is necessary to unscrew the set screw with the allen wrench to simply pop out the arm before putting it in the case. I've brought it in to be looked at, but in the meantime I just thought I'd check and see if anyone had any thoughts about what the problem could be. And as a last resort, any idea if a Gotoh 510 is a drop in replacement for a Hipshot? Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. Yves

    Yves Most Honored Senior Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    Check this out. You could also try sending Steve an email, he's been a user for many years and may give you a few useful tips.
  3. The Ballzz

    The Ballzz Senior Stratmaster

    Feb 26, 2014
    I should warn you that the barrel and collar assembly that houses the bushing , though designed a little differently than the GFS unit, will likely get loose and floppy in it's mounting to the plate! Through much trial an error, I don't believe that any "tension screw" system will end up providing a good solution for trem arm love and longevity. As much as I hate to say it the only system that seems to give long term reliability is the Callaham block and arm, or modifying a stock type block to mimic the Callaham design and getting a Callaham arm. Trust me when I tell you that not all standard #10-32 Fender arms will work/fit properly with the Callaham style system. Callaham's arms are very consistent in their size and very well made!

    And the jury is still out on the long term dependability of Fender's new pop-in arm configuration! I'm betting not the greatest, due to so many multiple parts: bushing, spring clip and two set screws! I'm guessing the repeated failure point will be the spring clip, though it may be OK by just simply removing the clip and using as a push-in/pull-out kinda thing! Only time and users will tell.

    Here's a link to the Callaham design and if you're a "tool kinda guy" it's pretty obvious how to affect such a thing on your own!

    Happy Wiggle Stickin'!
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