Hipster Hate?


Dr. Stratster
Okay, Hamster Eaters , I like it . We can work with that . I just punched it into a search box, and
came out with a couple of interesting avenues.

Hamster eaters of the dead.
Hamster eaters anonymous .
Hamster eaters movie.

Or there's always Dingo's Hamster Watch , for Big Brother aficionados:


I don't care who wins, I'm just here for the cheap entertainment.. the cheaper, the better


Dr. Stratster
Are there any girl hipsters? I recognise the males by their improbably tight trousers, aggressive facial hair, and prominent iphones, but how do they reproduce? Are there females of the species or do they mate with those uncool enough to be comfortably dressed or even gasp Android users?


Mar 16, 2014
East Texas
I haven't been on strat-talk all that long, but I've happened to notice a good bit of hipster bashing going on, and am trying to figure it out.

It is the beards?
Is it the beers?

Are they just a "safe target" to be bigoted against, instead of other groups, like* minorities, or do hipsters "get it" (unlike me), much like Aggies, who play along with the joke and even come up with some of the best!?

I haven't noticed any of them defending themselves here. Are they even allowed?

Again, I'm still kind of new here, and just figure there is some inside joke I missed perhaps?

This is all a bit tongue in cheek, but I do find it a bit odd. They really don't bother me a bit.

* Edited: I did not mean to call Hipsters a minority!

It's the Buddy Holly glasses.