Home players - how many do you have?


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Sep 21, 2020
6 guitars with different personalities

1 MIM Strat with American Pro loaded pickguard
1 Tele I built myself w/twisted pups (my favorite)
1 Strat I built myself and put the MIM pickguard with coil split
1 Chinese Les Paul w/dragonfire pups and coil splits
1 Ibanez AS-73 with SD Hot rodded jazz pups and Jimmy Page wiring w/cts pots
1 Taylor acoustic-electric

2 amps

Line 6 120W Spider
Laney 15W Tube

I love doing upgrades. The only guitar I haven't touched is the Taylor


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Dec 11, 2012
New Jersey
I don't play out anymore, and I am down to recording only periodically. That said: Steel strings - 2 solid body electric(6 string); 1 a/e(6 string); 1 twelve string acoustic; 1 archtop(6 string); 1 dobro(6 string); 1 parlor acoustic(6 string). Nylon strings - 2 classical a/e(6 string); 1 flamenco a/e(6 string); 1 electric(6 string). Also a six string banjo (nylon string); and an old tater bug mandolin. I was a session player and played out a bit -still, that was a while back now. My guilt stems from the fact that I will probably croak and leave my poor wife to sort all this out. I really do hate selling my guitars.


Feb 24, 2010
Some quickies now. Maybe enough from me.


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Dec 10, 2017
NOT Enough ! I only have 4 and haven't played out since mid 70's I think.
60's Univox es 335 clone that only looks and plays like semi new.
2008? Epiphone Special 1 with P-90's , great neck.
2018 Glarry Strat @ 5.5 lbs. light as a feather, $40 worth of mods and its a player.
2004 Epiphone Korean SG in beautiful Cherry, best playing of the bunch.
Sorry at the moment no Fender, Gibson, Squiers, Gretsch. Many have come and gone over the years.
3 Amps
Fender lt25 modeler
Fender mustang 1moddler
Fender 70's all tube (10 of them) slightly modded PA 100 Head.
A harmonica I keep in the car :)
I guess I can include my sons equipment as it resides in my house
90's Johnson P Bass
90's P bass
2022 Gretsch short Bass, its a beauty!
Beringer 450 watt head on a 18" Beringer cab, killer loud sound.


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Apr 6, 2013
Mars: sector 6
I have many electrics. I bought cheaper set-neck guitars that played well, and 4-bolt bodies and necks, mostly to house great pickups. I've spent at least as much on pickups as the rest of the guitars. I got to learn how to setup guitars well, make mods, complete full fret levels, and find the types of guitars and pickup combos I really like...and then go way overboard with it.
Its been a wonderful hobby to supplement playing, which i can only do a couple hours a day or my wrist will start to pay a price.
I have assembled some great less-usual options which i love. i.e., 2xP90 mahogany body strats. Or my 2x mini-humbucker( D'Urbano "Phoenix") alder thinline strat. They are awesome combo's I never would have known. I am currently making an EYB Sitar Bridge mahogany strat. Should be good to git yer Ravi on.


Aug 7, 2015
The last time I played live was 2013, and the time before that was 1992, so I'm pretty much a basement player. I do a lot on YouTube, but are you really playing "out" if you never leave the basement, or even the desk area? Right now I'm at 50 electrics, 10 acoustics and a bass. And I also have quite a few keyboards and at least three full DAW rigs of recording gear. It never ends....


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Nov 20, 2017
Gibson es339
Fender highway 1 strat
Squier bronco bass
Norman acoustic
I have all I need but that doesn’t stop me from looking at new ones constantly. New guitars are fun!