Hot Rails - HHH config - RWRP?

Discussion in 'Pickup Forum' started by Merlyn, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Merlyn

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    Sep 14, 2021

    I need your technical knowledge ... and your opinion..

    I'm a bit confused with all this reverse wire reverse polarity stuff...
    Does this only affect single coils? or also Humbuckers?
    Do I need to look for anything special when buying? or when wiring?

    I got a damn good deal on a hot rails TELEcaster set.
    So one for the Neck and one for the Bridge.
    Since I still have a blank strat pickguard without any holes... this should work

    I am still not sure if i should put a (A) JB Jr. or (B) STK-S4N in Middle position...
    Or if I should go full Tele with (C) Bridge and Neck only...
    (Some voices in my head say: doooo it) :D:D:D

    I will mainly go Heavy Metal / Hardrock route with this...

    Technical Opinion
    Would you go with a
    • (Option 1) 250k No Load - Audio Taper
    • (Option 2) 500k No Load - Audio Taper
    • (Option 3) regular 500k Audio Taper
    • (Option 4) regular 1Meg Audio Taper

    What do you think?

    Thank you very much in advance
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  2. sjtalon

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    Oct 27, 2006
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    Two pickups 101

    Remember that RWRP is a relative term, one pickup to it's mate. A pickup per se is not RWRP.

    The real term should be RC RP; that is, reverse CONNECTED. How a pickup is wound doesn't really mean jack. What matters is how the MANUFACTURES wire them. That is, what color leads they use so that when wired, they are correct with each other PHASE WISE. For instance, Fender is usually black positive, white ground (or coil negative).

    There is no standard as far as connection, OR polarity in the industry of a SET, so it's a crapshoot when you mix brands.

    One can get any two pups IN PHASE by reversing the coil leads on ONE pickup of the set. Sometimes a modification to the pickup has to be done to make it a three-wire, if one of the leads is connected to a cover (Tele neck) or base plate, which is often done to both ground the coil, and cover or base plate with one lead to a pot.
    If you want noise reduction (NR), ONE of the two pickups must be of opposite polarity and CONNECTED in reverse (or opposite how the wind is as far as it's positive lead).

    If you don't care about noise reduction, then POLARITY doesn't matter, only correct connection so the two are in phase with one another.

    What stinks about a Nashville is you can't have the best of all worlds noise reduction (NR) wise (RC/RP pup in the set) if you want 7 way. So on Strats, with a FENDER NR set, the neck and bridge are NORTH top and the middle south. So on 2 and 4, you have NR.

    If a person wants the Telecaster option of Neck and bridge and NR with a Nashville, you would have to decide which "Strat" tone you prefer, usually Neck and middle (#4), then have those opposite for the NR, with the bridge opposite the neck.

    When you do that, your middle and bridge will be the same polarity wise so no NR there. Not the end of the world anyway, some pups aren't that noisy like that, or if you don't use # 2 it doesn't matter anyway.