How do you keep motivated?


Mar 11, 2014
North Huntingdon, Pa.
Sometimes I get a little "uninterested" or "tired" of messing around with my gear. I don't gig, I just do this as a hobby but I still have to walk away now and then. There have been times when I've sold a bunch of gear only to go buy more to keep me going. Are there times when you get tired of any of it? What do you do to keep your interest going? As years have past I've come to where I like working or tinkering with the guitars more than playing.


Oct 31, 2020
Learning to finger pick on electric, albeit sort of basic, which opened the door to playing alone, in a satisfying way, which opened the door to ‘mangling’ songs I like, to fit my (somewhat limited) playing style….


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Dec 13, 2020
I haven't had this issue with guitaring yet, guess I haven't spent enough time at it. But when I get in the dumps about something, I jump on one of my motorcycles and hit the "refresh" button. A couple of hours on the backroads and the world is a little different. Sometimes you just need to refocus on something else for awhile.

monte merrick

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the clock is ticking. each minute you spend is real. spend them how you want them spent. some people really love video games. more power to them. me, i kind of wish i had all those video game moments back (except the minutes spent running laps at grundenwald in the fully race ready ford gt40 on gran turismo 3) or that i'd spent them doing anything that wouldve paid dividends down the road rather than just blowing my attention span on the emptiest calories with no gain but loss.


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Jul 13, 2015
Foothills of the Cascades
All things ebb and flow. Perhaps you demand too much from your own natural rhythm. No one can be "on" at 100% all the time. That 'tinkering' satisfies when the music doesn't is worthy. Embrace that.


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Sep 4, 2016
Oxford England
I play every day, half an hour to maybe three hours at a stretch. Been that way for 50 years, Jesus, 50 years. where did it go. Don't get me wrong, I get frustrated and cross but ultimately I am driven, like an addict to play. Don't really have a choice so no, I have never felt tired or uninterested in playing guitar.

Thrup'ny Bit

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May 21, 2010
I put it in a plastic tub with a tightly sealing lid.



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Dec 17, 2019
Mean Streets
For me its the Challenge I set goals and practice and get to where my short term goal gets me, and then on to the next goal, always learning and improving is good motivation for me and something i enjoy very much

Dr Improbable

Aug 14, 2013
First off:
Due to space concerns, I can only keep 1 or 2 guitars out. So I rotate every couple of weeks. Strat, Tele, PRS, etc. Makes it feel like I'm getting "new" guitars fairly often.

I go off on "tangents". I spent a long time on slide and Delta Blues, then went through a Rockabilly/Country hybrid picking phase. Most of the summer I was on a Hendrix kick. I am currently enjoying my take on Billy Gibbon's restrained bluesy style. The Blues is my favorite and always will be, but i find that there are so many places that foundation can take me.

If I get REALLY irritated with my playing I put the guitar down and come back later.

Sometimes you gotta relax and let the music take you where IT wants to.


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Oct 13, 2014
I always have goals with respect to my guitar playing and singing. The goals may change from project to project but there's always something I HAVE to do. Deadlines, new songs, riffs, gigs etc etc.

Personal choice. Music is more of an obsession for me than buying a boat and going fishing, for example.

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