How important is it for you to eliminate single-coil noise?


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Feb 21, 2013
I don't know if you caught my link,

There are people in rural areas who have created their own grounding points using a copper or steel pole into the ground on their land and then running a heavy duty cable to the mains supply box. These days best done by a qualified electrician. No amount of guitar screening or gadgets can remove all noise if the ground path to Earth is faulty :/
The house has some grounded sockets but not that particular one at the moment. I know I should get it fixed some how some day


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Jun 25, 2017
Philly area
In our last house, where we lived from 1992-2007, my guitar area was in the basement, which was full of really funky old fluorescent tube lights. The upside was I could play pretty loud down there. The downside was there was more hum than I could stand. I was never bothered by normal amounts of hum before that, and I don't even really notice the little bit I get where we live now…



Nov 26, 2020
Vancouver BC
Hum bugged Scrooge. "Bah!" he exclaimed, according to Dickens.

It doesn't bother me. Most of my gear was chosen for low noise. My technique, (such as it is) is noise suppressing. I play mostly slide. Any pickup hum is crushed by compression.

If I hear it in a room I switch guitars.