How much nitro paint in each layer?


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Dec 14, 2021
I'm painting a couple of guitars, using spray gun for the first time (instead of spray cans). I'm through sanding sealer/primer, and coloured/tinted layers, and have started with the clear coats.

Started to wonder have much to put on for each layer. Seems to be difficult to get a consistent glossy surface, but I don't want to spray to thick either. I'm using about 15 ml (0.5 fl.oz.) paint (clear gloss), and the same amount of thinner, for each layer on one body. The plan is to have 12-15 layers of clear coat, with some sanding in between.

Anyone knows if this is thick or thin (each layer and number of layers)?


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Feb 24, 2019
Nitro, the top layers melt into the layers below, no sanding is needed between coats.
Cut and buff only the final clear layer.


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Dec 23, 2017
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Wow. 12 to 15. A lot of waiting. Thin layers work best. Patience is a prerequisite.

These 2 were spray together. Both received 7 coats. The one difference is I used a nitro sanding sealer on the burl. I wish I had done so on the walnut. The body of the burl is a 2x8. Seriously.

GXP006-100 sm.jpg GXP007-032 sm.jpg GXP007-028 sm.jpg