How To Get The Jimi Hendrix Clean Tone


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May 4, 2014
You are all clearly missing the main point here!

Jimi's sound constantly involved to the day he died.

His gear was constantly updated by either Roger Mayer or West Coast amp and organ service in LA.

The earlier the recordings the more basic the gear was and wind cries Mary was recorded in 20 minutes including 5 guitar overdubs.

As it could not be better it got to be the official single for that song.

So nothing but the Marshall stack used in between gigs and recordings which was pretty much in daily demand in 1967. Plus the economy was not there to have more stacks or amps in the first 6 months of that year

Thereby no stock gear that Jimi Hendrix used is going to sound other than in the vibe of it especially after 1969 came around.

An example is the Jim Dunlop Fuzz Face which has nothing in common with was inside Jimi's and the Marshalls were run differently than normal as well.


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Feb 28, 2010
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I play a Fender amp now, but I did at one time have a Line 6 Spider IV 75 and I liked it lot. My son has it now. I think it's a really nice little amp. It was fun at home to play with all the different tones available. I know a lot of people look down their noses at Line 6,but I like their products. I MUCH preferred it to the Katana 50 that came through my hands.


Nov 26, 2020
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Curmudgeon here!

You can't hear Mr. Hendrix's tone just anywhere. IMO, you need an early pressing vinyl and period playback. Then you can hear things like Mr. Hendrix's bloom control on every note and other subtleties lost in a digital signal.


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Jul 4, 2021
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Off topic - in July of 1970 I saw Jimi Hendrix at a concert played at the San Diego Sports Arena. The band was Jimi, Billy Cox on bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums. The opening act was a long forgotten band called Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys. I can't comment much on his tone that night - to my 14 year-old ears at the time I just knew it was loud and the sports arena, which was built for basketball and ice hockey, had terrible acoustics. I do remember a huge Marshall stack. BTW - the ticket cost $3.75!


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Sep 25, 2018
I’ve been looking for a reason to buy my first fuzz pedal for a while. I saw Pete Thorn talk about this technique a year ago, but I haven’t thought about it since.
Gotta get a germanium one. I want a Sun Face/Sun Dial Algo Man clone. Maybe a Hubcap John. The Bonamassa Fuzz Face looks good too.