I got GAS!


The Pink Bunnyman Frankenstein
Silver Member
Dec 27, 2016
What we talking? Creaky floorboard? Lone duck? Model aeroplane? Or silent mustard gas attack?
I've been hunting brown duck! Though they come in different sizes and shapes they all have s very distinctive quack!
The problem that I have is that my duck blind apparently has an infestation of barking spiders and brown croaking crotch crickets.
Not good! Not good at all!

uncle daddy

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May 16, 2020
I once let go the mother of all farts on a subway carriage, a real stinker with no noise. Watching people's expressions as it went down the carriage, it was as much as I could do to keep a straight face!


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Nov 19, 2021
Whatever you do, DO NOT FORCE IT! Let it pass naturally. Pun intended. Even a small amount of assistance can cause some ungodly complications.


Dr. Stratster
Nov 1, 2019
State of Disbelief
Ever want revenge/amusement for waiting in some doctors cheezy waiting room way past your appt. time, find a chair with those cheap foam fabric covered cushions and let one fly as you slowly lift off the seat, allowing the noxiousness to be sucked into the cushion.

Then change seats and enjoy the looks whoever sits there next gets. 👿