I have an invite..........


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Dec 2, 2010
Peardale CA
Dear Friend,
I came across Your e-mail contact prior a private search while in need
of your assistance. I am Dr. Aisha Muammar Al Gaddafi, the daughter of
the late and former president of Libya; Col. Muammar Al-Gaddafi. I am
a single Mother and a Widow with three Children. I have a deposit
amount with a bank; as the governments of Libya are seriously
searching locations of our assets to confiscate. I have
investmentfunds worth Twenty Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand
United State Dollar ($27.500.000.00) and 120kg of Gold Bars, and I
need your Mutual Respect, Trust, Honesty & Transparency, kind support
and assistance. Hope you will be a trusted investment Manager/Partner
because of my current status here in Oman, however,If you are willing
to handle this project on my behalf kindly reply urgent to enable me
provide you more information about the investment funds.Your
UrgentReply Will Be Appreciated Best Regards Dr Aisha Muammar Al

At first I thought this was a scam....
Then I saw your name....
I'm sure that wo!man named Aisha...
Could do no harm...
I'm in...

Here's my private phone...

Mr. Ono Tasa Sata...


Dr. Stratster
Feb 20, 2018
Wiltshire UK
Dude! Now you can go around bragging that you personally know Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s daughter. That’ll turn heads and open doors!:whistling:
Yep, probably these ones:eek:


Sep 27, 2020
Somewhere in the Milky Way
Dear Madame,

As tempting as that sounds, I must decline your offer. This isn't the first time a wealthy woman with your stature has tried to entice me and lure me into a lustfilled passionate relationship with the help of her wealth.

I wasn't born yesterday, I know how to read between the lines. Fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice! Shame on me.

I regret to tell you that the widow of a very wealthy russian oligarch by the name of Svetlana Patrovski has been down the road you' are trying to go. I've spent hundred days in her castle located on a secret location in Mother Russia. Traveled in her yacht and private planes, eaten lobsters and caviar whilst drinking the finest champagne from France.

You Madame should be ashamed of yourself, trying to entice me and lure me into your sex dungeon to use me for nothing but your sexual pleasure with promises of money and gold.

I am a married man now, I don't fall for those types of pleasures and promises. Money and gold does not bring happiness.

Now I don't know how you got my contact information, maybe Svetlana provided such information to you and told you about our passionate experience together.

But hear me now, I will not do those sort of things again. That is not the man that I want to be.

Take care and I hope that you find happiness and love as I have.

This. Is. AWESOME!

Ed Storer

Sep 5, 2016
Loved 419 Eaters. Playing the scammers like fish too big for the fishing line was totally amusing. Having them spend time and money with no return, when they were sitting on Millions in cash and gold.

I do wish I could get a "playbook" for playing the scammers.

I don't think I would use names from Monte Python's Flying Circus or Treasure Island. I don't know if I'd go to the expense of having a letterhead developed or another email address created, but I would certainly love to see the scammers get burned.

I really thing the players in 419 Easters should publish a book - Playing with Scammers.

Impulsive guppy

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Jan 9, 2020
if you want bigger fish you need better bait:

I am Leona Fender, the daughter of
the late and former president of Fender Music Corp.; Leo Fender. I am
a hot SoCal Babe. I have a deposit
amount with a bank; as the governments of California are seriously
searching locations of our assets to confiscate.
I have over 120 original vintage guitars from the 50’s & 60’s ….