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    I got my first real 6-string, bought it at the five and dime. Played it till my fingers bled, was the summer of 69 and I was 17. It was a cheap acoustic and I was clueless. it wasn't until age 43 that through the encouragement of my wife, did I pick up the instrument in earnest and began taking lessons.

    This was more of a theme with her and our relationship of now 45+ years. The kids had started music lessons and I mused with her that I wished I had done the same earlier. "What's stopping you?" she asked. "Age", I replied. She always does this to me, the sign of a true companion. She throws me off a "cliff of indecision" without allowing me a "shadow of a doubt". So while I'm “free falling”, I end up "learning to fly".

    My Applied Math background from my university degree program, helped me correlate the connection between music, math and coding, helping me to advance. So 25 years later, I continue to take weekly lessons with my professional teacher as I work towards achieving my toughest goals - soloing and phrasing. It is not an easy road. It never is, otherwise it wouldn't be called "learning". It is achievable though, with the right "sweat equity". The "equations" and the "math" have gotten easier to grasp as a result.

    Yeah, I wish I had pursued this sooner in life, but here's the thing, learning never stops unless you want it to. Every goal and milestone achieved, only drives me harder.

    Peace out - JP
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