Is Reverb shipping protection legit?


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Sep 11, 2022
One time I sold a laptop on eBay. The laptop was in good working condition when I shipped it, and I got shipping insurance through UPS when I shipped it. The buyer claimed the screen was cracked and had a picture. Since I got shipping insurance, I notified UPS. UPS said they tried to contact the buyer, but the buyer was being flaky about responding and was actually acting a little weird. The buyer ended up filing a case against me, but eBay sided with me.
Yup. Anyone with a legit claim won’t get all weird on you. They just want to have it made right. It’s human nature. Had it been me (and if the damage was legit, of course) the pics I would have sent to you would have helped you with your claim too. Everyone walks away happy


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Feb 2, 2012
Northwest US
Ok so the protection is legit after all. After getting screwed a few times with Reverb on legitimate claims from me as a buyer or seller, I was afraid I would get screwed on this one. I was super paranoid.

It was a legit claim, so I'm glad Reverb got it resolved for me and basically touch free on my end.

We have determined to assist the buyer with a partial refund. Reverb is covering the cost of the refund for you and not requiring the return of the item.

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