Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

  • Yes

  • No

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Lone Woof

Senior Stratmaster
Nov 30, 2014
My No. 1 Strat is a Warmoth neck on a B Hefner body, with Lace Sensors. The only Fender necks that are big enough for my old hands are on their basses. Hopefully, I interpreted the question when I voted 'Yes', meaning my No 1 is not a Fender. I suspect @nosmo is not the only one who would vote 'No' on the basis his main Strats are not Fender. To that extent, the wording of the question is a little counter-intuitive.
I wavered on phrasing the responses to the poll in a clearer manner. I regret having not done so, as it is a bit confusing. If this helps: "Yes" my number 1 is NOT a Fender or "No, my number 1 IS a Fender.


not posting these days
May 28, 2012
My current "Strat" is a Variax Standard, which is a SSS Yamaha Pacifica S-type guitar.

My current "Tele" is a Stadium brand copy. These are my only solid body electrics.

So I am Fenderless these days.


Nov 20, 2019
Harvest, AL
My ONLY Stratocaster right now is a Fender.

A 1991 Strat Plus.
Lovely guitar in beautiful pristine condition.

That said, I have owned a lot of S-type guitars over the years, and the non-Fender ones each held their own charm, and I loved to play and even gig with them.
My favorites of these were:
J Reynolds strat copy
Epiphone Fat 210
Focus by Kramer 111M

The J Reynolds below.
I loved the natural wood finish. And the overall light weight.

Sold it to a neighbor friend, at a point when I needed some cash.
Miss that guitar.

J reynolds strat 1.jpg

MT Poteet

Sep 10, 2021
#1Custom Kenneth Scott Lofquist body made in 1986, Allparts neck, rosewood board, also 1986. Fender electronics from the era and some Japanese tuners and bridge.
Other than that I have a couple of Squier SE's and another partscaster.
That does it.....for Strats.


Jul 3, 2020
I know what you’re asking and I voted yes (bc it’s my CS 61).

But I just had to say this: The answer (technically) can only be yes bc a Stratocaster can only be a Fender. Lol. There are some amazing s-type builders/brands out there tho!

Butcher of Strats

Senior Stratmaster
Feb 28, 2022

('#1' burst on the right)
Tokai, same as my other guitar model types.
Oh wow that Tokai is gorgeous!
What year is it?
I have an 83 or 84 from after they changed the headstock a little but before they changed the T to look less like the Fender F.
Great era for those, love the pre lawsuit but haven’t seen one with so much flame.


Dr. Stratster
Oct 16, 2018
Nope. #1 is my maple board strat. #2 is my Rosewood board Strat. #3 is my Tele. #3.5 is my ES-335. #4 J-45 #5 Paul.

All "cork sniffing" American name brand instruments. There's a lot of good internationally made gear out there. Much better quality than what was coming out in the 90's & 2000's. I just don't have any of it right now.
I might get an Ibanez one day to relive my 90's glory days. Who knows.
I got all nostalgic about the 80’s with a couple of Roadstar II’s. One is ok, but needs a little soldering help. It’s a project for later.

Then there is the near mint one that I snagged off of Reverb.

Sorry I don’t have a pic of the other one, but this green one is in near mint condition and all original, and complete. I paid over 500 bucks with shipping, and it didn’t come with OHSC. But still, not too bad a price considering the condition.

Butcher of Strats

Senior Stratmaster
Feb 28, 2022
At the moment my only "strat" is a Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional:


In the future? Who knows; I'm still enjoying the Schecter but their necks are bit on the thin/flat radius side so often it sits while I play my Tele (which is a Fender :) ) or my Les Paul. I may eventually need to move on to something with a little bit larger neck - frankly my Tele, an American Performer with Fender's typical "Modern C" neck, is significantly larger feeling than the Schecter neck.
I bought a 70s Fender Tele that somebody had removed the Fender logo and replaced it with a Schecter logo!
Had to have been done when Pete Townshend was playing a Schecter Tele.

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