Its August already


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Feb 16, 2018
In WV days become much shorter in August, it seems; more noticeable, I think, than other places I've been... Summer dies a quick death here. Hopefully the Autumn will be as beautiful as it has been for the last few years. Then it's a long winter ahead...

We were going to spend our vacation, a week, in NYC. We have thought otherwise...


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Jun 21, 2021
Port Hueneme
My wife is a West Virginia girl.
Mine was from Copenhagen. We were opposites. But opposites attract! Big time. Had 13 great years until medical malpractice took her. But when I think of her I smile, no sadness. I just think about how lucky I was to find her. And all the hilarious cultural differences we had. Sigh.
My current ex is from Mississippi. She never learned that relationships take a bit of work and compromise occasionally. Always in fight or flight mode. Very skilled at deflection, but it's SO transparent. She is retired as well. Sorry to get off-topic.