JHS makes the Bad Monkey expensive


Jun 24, 2013
St Petersburg
bought one used some years back real cheap and used it for a while then gave it to a friend who later sold it. I'd wished I'd kept it after I gave it away, he was sorry he sold it and wanted another. I picked one up again about a year ago under $50 and have kept it. Passed on one on Craigs List just days before the JHS video for $25. I bet there's seller's remorse there, wonder if the buyer beat him up over the $25? They are a pretty versatile pedal but then so are a lot of the many pedals I have.


Mar 25, 2014
We could just say, guitarists are crazy! Look at the whole vintage market 🥱
I appreciate vintage wood just like most but come on..


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May 18, 2016
Aff-Ma-Heid, Ontario
100 Bad Monkeys jumping on a bed. One fell off and bumped it's head.

I seriously have no idea what the internet is buzzing about over these pedals. I haven't bothered to follow the topic.

I assume this Josh guy (no idea who he is) did a review of the BM. And now, like the Marshall Bluesbreaker everyone just needs one?

Not me.


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Oct 31, 2013
What someone asks for and what someone actually pays are sometimes 2 very different things.

Does anyone actually GAF? If I don’t want to pay a premium for something, I simply don’t buy.


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Sep 25, 2012
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He did a video on the old DOD Pedals a while back. Prices on those went up too... Kinda funny that I sold off a bunch of the ones years ago to fund some CS69 pickups. One of them was a Metal X for $20. When all this went down I thought of that DOD video and checked in on prices on those. Wow... Now that prices on the CS69 "AY" pickups are fetching High prices maybe I can sell those and buy a couple of my old pedals back LOL

$200 for a DOD Metal X