Just Bought this Fender 60th anniversary American vintage 1954 Stratocaster


Dr. Stratster
Oct 16, 2018
Does the body look like ash to y'all?
It does to me. I only have 2 real strat Fenders, ant the wood looks like that on them. Both bursts. I think yours might be a slab.

My 79 looks like that, I mean no visible seam lines on the top. Mine is weird as it has an angel quilt in the grain, even more noticeable on the back of the guitar.


Senior Stratmaster
Jan 14, 2021
Edmonton, Alberta
Another small detail on '54s is the square edge on the neck pocket. They rounded the edge later.

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The 54 had a few little details not found on the later 50’s Strats. Polystyrene plastics, round string tree, not so square edge headstock, round string holes in the trem cover, rounded pickup covers, short skirt knobs and that’s all found on this 54. So it’s a awesome reproduction of a original.