King Tone Switch (SRV / Classic)


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Feb 24, 2015


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Dec 26, 2010
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That guy Jessy Davey makes some awesome pedals. Some of his Fuzzes and Overdrives are some of the best demos I’ve heard. The tone switch thing has been around but I very put that product and that builder together... I might blow $99.99 for one. Heck if it works Great! If not oh well.


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Jul 10, 2007
Gibson has a similar (but different) Varitone knob on some higher end ES models. Gives you a bunch of tonal options. From reading the website, this feels similar.


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May 17, 2009
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Gibson has a similar (but different) Varitone knob on some higher end ES models. Gives you a bunch of tonal options. From reading the website, this feels similar.

Gibson's had it since 1959. The King Tone is just a micro circuit of the Gibson and other similar devices on other brands. A bunch of capacitors of varying values.

Old school version.

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Feb 18, 2019
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Normally I would be totally against this kind of thing. But, Kingtone's pedals are so great it's hard for me to imagine this is "snake oil". Ultimately, I love the sound of my strat and am not really looking to sound like SRV so it's not for me. But, based on my personal experience with Kingtone's stuff, I have no doubt it does what it claims and many may enjoy it!


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Apr 30, 2013
Just curious if anyone has been 'brave' enough to buy and install one of the King Tone Switches? They're not cheap either at $99.99........., for a switch (and it doesn't include the knob).

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I've watched/ listened to a couple of demo's on YouTube but I can't hear too much of a difference.


I have a friend who bought a guitar and installed it.

YES there is a lot of difference between the guitar with it engaged and without it. I did not like it.

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Jul 22, 2015
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Found a version 1 of the King Tone switch for a reasonable price. It is being sent to me. It has bypass, SRV, Albert King, and BB King tone settings.

I know, snake oil, or just use an EQ pedal. I think it will hit a fuzz or overdrive pedal sweeter, from a couple of videos that I viewed.

I have CV 60’s Squier Stratocaster that I leave out as a beater. It is actually pretty sweet for what I paid for it used. There is no tone control wired for the bridge, and I don’t need a tone control for a Stratocaster middle pickup. Instead of wiring the bridge for tone, I going to put the King Tone V1 in its place.

If it thickens up the tone on all pickups to something useful, it can stay in that guitar. If I can get BB tone from a Stratocaster with a click and the rolling of some guitar knobs, Bonus.


Feb 27, 2021
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Gonna pass. Watched the videos, and my mind was open, but I didn't really see anything of value. What can it be other than an EQ circuit? Is there anything there I can't get out of an EQ pedal? Or that an EQ pedal can't do better?

I use a Boss GE7 pretty much all the time. EQ and BOOST. The GE7 only allows for one EQ at a time without fiddling with the slider again, but there are other EQ's out there that allow you to store presets.

Do your own presets, and then you can name them after your favorite guitarists.