Leftie's Who Play Right Handed!

Scott Baxendale

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May 20, 2020
Sante Fe, NM
This is a friend of mine from Athens who started out playing the guitar right handed but when he decided to do a Hendrix tribute act he relearned to play left handed so he could be more authentic. I find this guy to be the best Hendrix tribute act I’ve ever ”experienced” (pun intended..). Gimmie Hendrix from Athens Ga. I’ve seen him recreate entire live concerts from Hendrix down to the banter in between the song. He nails it closer than anyone else I’ve heard.


Nate D

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Apr 2, 2016
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Duane Allman, Gary Moore, David Byrne, Mark Knopfler, Billy Corgan, Elvis Costello, Johhny Winters, Joe Perry, Steve Morse, Robert Fripp and last but not least Stu78!

We are special indeed. 🤣

Anymore I've missed?
My younger son Arthur is playing right handed guitars. Here’s why: they don’t make left handed violins; I have a lot of guitars that are right handed :)


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Oct 16, 2018
When I started learning to write, I did it lefty. But, the Nuns wouldn’t let me. By the time I got my first guitar, there were no lefty models so it never occurred to me to play lefty. So I got a right handed guitar and stuck with it.


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Mar 24, 2019
I started playing lefty, then realized hey! why not play the "conventional" way... I suck on the comfortable side anyway...


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Oct 4, 2008
Well, I write left handed and that is also my basic catch/throw instinct, but almost everything else, including playing guitar/bass, I do right handed. Never had any inclination to do otherwise.


I'm just completely weird. There.... I said it, okay? 🤣

#1 dominance (i.e. you know... Self defense... Boxing... Karate... Sports (baseball, etc...) back is school...

But then again, I am one of those weird type of ambidextrous guys, where I do this lefty, that righty, this lefty, that righty, etc...

Guitars, mandolin, violin, etc.... --- ALL STRING INSTRUMENTS: Right handed.
Horns: Right handed (duh... there is no way to play a trumpet or whatever lefthanded!)

Drums: Left handed.... I know, I know, I know... It's just who I am and one of my unique little "quirks". See, I got taught drums "lefty" way back in High School in the late 70's by a buddy and fellow HS Rock Band member back then. We had an agreement: I taught him electric guitar (righty), he taught me drums (lefty). Somehow, someway, it jelled and it worked, and we both picked up each other's style.... Getting to the point: You sit me behind a real true, righty, drum set, and I would be "WTF"?!?!

Baseball -- Varsity Baseball in the late 70's: Bat - righty. Throw - lefty. Position: Right Field. :rolleyes:
Football -- Sorry. No football, as I was busy playing in the Marching Band. But, in case you are curious, I am the opposite from throwing a baseball -- I pass a football, like a QB... Right handed!
Tennis -- Right handed.
Soccer -- Left footed.
Bowling -- Left handed.
Golf -- Right handed.
Basketball -- dribble the ball down the court, righthanded. Take a jumpshot: lefthand leading.

What can I say.... I'm just an "interesting character".... LOL... 😂

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