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More valuable as is or with Min-E-Tune reinstalled?

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Apr 21, 2021
I have a 2013 Studio that came with Min-E-Tune autotuners.

The autotuners sucked, so I replace with some premium 18:1 Grover locking Tuners.

Note that I only bought the auto-tuner version because it was $999, vs. like $1549 or so standard retail, and only the auto-tuner version was on sale.

I know the rule of thumb is: any after market adjustments are going to lower the value.

But in this case, since the auto-tuners suck, do you think the resale value would be better as is, or with the auto tuners re-installed.

Note the new tuners were drop-in with the exception of screw holes.


Oct 1, 2018
This was one of many of Gibsons larger screwups, don’t think any sane real guitar players use or trust tuning to cheep China gadgets, that are known to fail.

when a simple tuner does the job perfectly.

in this case, I do not see it as a devaluation on this guitar, may not make it worth more, but should not detract from it.

John C

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Jul 17, 2012
Kansas City
Like @Chipss36 I see the change from the Min-E-Tune to normal tuners as a positive change that does not impact the value. It doesn't add and also doesn't detract from the value of the guitar. If you haven't already sold the Min-E-Tune components I would offer to throw them in on a local sale, and if the buyer doesn't want it then try to sell it separately.

Plus the Min-E-Tune was the older version of the technology that became the "G-Force" tuners the year that Gibson tried to put it on every single guitar (2015 "Model Year" which was released around September 2014). These were made by Tronical, which actually had a good reputation for the product, but Tronical's intent before Gibson acquired them (or partially acquired them or whatever the business relationship was) was for luthiers/repair techs to install them on individual guitars, not for the device to be installed on mass production at a factory.


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Nov 8, 2017
Wilmington, DE
It is an upgrade that pretty much everyone would universally want to have. Unless the main value of the guitar was as a collector's item, I think the new tuners would increase its value. Based on what has been said here over the years, most guys would either avoid a guitar with robo-tuners or plan on replacing them. You have saved them the trouble (and expense). Include the robos as a throw-in, just in case anyone wants to go back.


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Sep 2, 2014
Where am I?
Just include them in the case and the value shouldn’t change. I keep all old and swapped out original parts in each case. This way I can return each guitar back to stock if I ever sell them. I would take a small hit for non original solder joints, but I’m really good at soldering so nobody would really know anyways.


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Jul 21, 2015
yep...I'd be just as happy to buy a Gibson that had the mini tuner system removed. Not a devaluation IMO


Nov 18, 2011
I have had many guitars with, actually starting with an actual Robot guitar before the Tronical tuners came out. I have also had three or four with MinEtune or G-Force tuners. I did not hate the tuners like many people, BUT the reason I gave them up was because I actually HATED changing strings on them, I did not like the way you had to unscrew the top thing and how the strings had to be loaded, it was a pain! Anyway, generally when I buy guitars, I put locking tuners on them, then I sell the guitar with the original tuners on it...and re-use the locking tuners (or others) on other guitars. I don't remember the circumstances but I did end up with an extra set of Min-Etunes. I sold them individually and made a bit some money on them because I guess that there are still people looking for replacements when things break!


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Jun 28, 2011
It won't ever be a collector's item in my lifetime (except may a Collection of The Weird). If I were looking for an LP and I come across one listed as having the Min-E-tuners, I'd keep on looking, unless it was a real deal.


Nov 18, 2011
It won't ever be a collector's item in my lifetime (except may a Collection of The Weird). If I were looking for an LP and I come across one listed as having the Min-E-tuners, I'd keep on looking, unless it was a real deal.

I agree BUT I would definitely buy an LP with G-Force tuners if the price is right because it is so easy to change tuners AND there won't be any screw holes that show after changing them, so they will look original. In fact, I've done it more than once.

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