Lest we forget...

Jimi Lightning

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Dec 21, 2016
Ontario, Canada
It was a terrible day for music. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news.

I picked up every tribute mag, cut out all the newspaper articles I could find locally and mounted them in a scrapbook etc…
Amongst my decades old music collection these are not a collection for collectors sake but was my means of paying tribute as best I could. They stand alone.
R.I.P. John


Dr. Stratster
May 6, 2019


Dr. Stratster
Oct 29, 2019
North of South
Was watching Monday night football when Howard Cosell reported it. Didn’t even want to go to work the next day. I often wonder what could’ve been, I’m my opinion he was the greatest singer/ songwriter of all time.


Dr. Stratster
I was in a restaurant celebrating with a small group of neighbors whom had collectively succeeded in removing a dog from the custody of an abuser ...
(a harrowing tale of 'daring do' involving puppies, cops, judges, veterinarians and...for another time)

...A server came to our table and told us what was on the news.

Our celebration stopped. We grew quite. One of us said "damn..." another said "fu*k"...Then we just stood up...nobody said to, we just did.

When I looked up, the entire restaurant was on its feet.


The silence has remained to this day.
This silence will last forever.

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