"Lights" Strat wiring question

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    Howdy All,
    I haven't been on here in a while ... been on Squier-Talk mostly. This is a thread that I also posted over there. Hoping to get some info on a tribute Squier Strat I'm trying to build. It's gonna be a copy of Neal Schon's "Lights" Strat.
    I finally got the pickups for my "Lights" Strat tribute guitar. I'll be using some Tonerider TRS-1's in the neck and middle. For the bridge I'm going with a Tonerider AC2 Alnico II Classic Humbucker. I know there are probably better choices for pups, but I feel these will get me in the ballpark of what I'm shooting for.
    The next thing to decide is just how do I wire this beast up. I've Googled it til my eyes watered and haven't found anything concrete about it. There seems to be 3 theories about the wiring.
    1) The humbucker was swapped with the middle pickup at the switch.
    2) The neck & middle were wired together in some sort of "humbucker" fashion.
    3) The middle and possibly the neck were turned upside down.
    If anyone has any knowledge, opinions, advice, or info, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance :)
    EDIT - I'll be using a 5 way switch with 1 volume and 1 tone control.
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