Line 6 Catalyst


Dr. Stratster
Sep 25, 2012
In a van down by the river
Looks like Line 6 has a new amp out that seems to appeal to the Katana crowd.

If I was looking for another amp I would probably give this a solid stare. Has some good features and tones for a decent price.



Most Honored Senior Member
Nov 11, 2012
New Jersey
Looks interesting. I read a little blurb about it- apparently, each amp type has a boost option, but the amp doesn’t have a bunch of built in overdrives- just reverb, delays, modulation, and pitch effects.

Mike R

Strat-Talk Member
Mar 11, 2019
Seems like the number of effects you're able to run at the same time is rather limited. Not sure the "depth" of the applications tone control. I watched the youtube demo of it, and it seemed to not have the amount of control the Katana has over tone in the studio app.

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