For Trade Local only (Canton, Ohio) - Fender Modern Player Telecaster, 2018


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I realize I have substantially limited my target audience, but I am simply not interested in shipping anything.

1669244724019.png 1669244748389.png 1669244769551.png

Pine body with a belly cut, string-through body, HSS, Crafted in China. I believe the color is called transparent charcoal.

The original owner upgraded with Fender locking tuners and a Seymour Duncan humbucker. Unfortunately, he also had his tech wire it in a way that disabled the splitting for the humbucker, and I believe also tied the humbucker into all five switch positions. He neglected to tell me this up front, so I did not discover the changes until I got home. Plays great, just a darker sound than I really wanted.

I'm looking for trade offers, mostly for other guitars. My wish list includes Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic, Danelectro 12-string, Ibanez (electric) semi-hollow 12-string, Yamaha Revstar, Yamaha Pacifica 611. But make an offer -- I may not know I want your trade until I see it.