Looking for dust covers for my amps (Fender Bassman 150 + Gretsch Electromatic 5 watt tube amp + Monoprice 15 watt tube amp


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Mar 7, 2023
I am looking for inexpensive dust covers for the three main amplifiers I have. I think I found one or two on eBay for my Gretsch 5 watt tube amp and my 15 watt Monoprice amp but am having trouble finding one for the oddly shaped Fender Bassman 150 bass amp.

Dimensions for the Gretsch 5 watt tube amp are: 12" wide x 11" tall x 7" deep. Dimensions for the oddly shaped Fender Bassman 150 are 19.25" wide x 21" tall x 17.25" deep.

Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Jan 19, 2011
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measure your amp then go to MF or somewhere online and find something slightly larger. I have found dust covers for a couple of amps with a Fender logo cheap.

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