Made it through another year ...


Aug 1, 2021
Of borrowed time . On this day 3 years ago I was lying in a hospital bed waiting for my brain to explode . Was in a hypertensive emergency . pressure at 221 over 121 , had a crao and several tia’s . Left me blind in one eye and some trouble with short term memory but lucky to be alive as I probably should have checked out .... it’s been a life altering experience for sure . But I’m still on this side of the dirt and thankful for each extra day I make it through . Life is good !
Glad you are still giving it your all! Remember, doctors are just practicing medicine.
A doctor told my mom that I would not see my 1st birthday. So, I've got almost 62 years of borrowed time. Guess I'm either too stubborn or too stupid to give up! lol!

Just keep on keeping on and live every day to it's fullest!