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    Sep 27, 2015
    One can easily tell you haven't used Linux Mint yet. I suggest you give it a try. Linux has improved a LOT in usability.

    His mouse would probably work really well on Linux without issues.

    In fact, I have way more issues running windows and developing on top of it, than on Linux. Linux is a great platform for software development, mature and easy to use, and all problems are easily solved. Windows is a horrible system (and I work 'under the hood'). One cannot overstate how bad it is.

    All I said is that dual booting Linux and Windows creates problems, and that's entirely MS's fault. They actively sabotage a system that is miles ahead in terms of security and architecture.

    But if you're happy with it, good for you. What do I know? I have just been developing software for the past 30 years... :rolleyes:
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    I use Apple, Microsoft, and Linux (2 distros) operating systems every day. They all have their ups and downs.

    Trying to decide what to buy for a DAW computer right now. Leaning toward Apple's Mini, as they are small and cheap and I know the software vendors all write for their hardware (don't have to verify audio/video hardware - the benefit of the walled garden approach). I could also have them bundle Logic. A Windows machine could be had cheaper, but I'd have to consider myself with making sure all of the hardware is compatible.