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MIJ E series club.

Discussion in 'Guitar Owners Clubs' started by Dave G., Jul 7, 2015.

  1. rkwells101

    rkwells101 New Member!

    Dec 7, 2017
    Hi Guys, new to the site. I am hoping someone can help me identify my new baby. Curious, to what the stamps mean on the neck as well as the hand written letters. What type of wood the base is made of. The pots are different although it is an E Series from the serial number the pots seem to be from 1971??? What is that green drop things soldered between the pots. I think the pickups are ceramic but?? Any information is appreciated. Check out pics. I paid $250 for it which I thought was a great deal!

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  2. muso.greg

    muso.greg Strat-Talker

    It looks like you got a great buy for a System 1 tremolo equipped guitar... I identify that as a ST357 but the USA had a different ID system (I believe). There is a code to the numbers but it eludes me at the moment :(
    The serial number on the neck will give you the year of manufacture. There should be a pencil neck date on the butt of the neck.

    The green "drops" are capacitors. The pups are ceramic. Ceramic pups are often a more powerful magnet than Alnicos and I've had good success with dropping them well down in the pick guard to get the best tone from them. They can actually be a really good sounding pickup IME.