My Bass audition last night went a little too well...

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    May 18, 2015
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    We now have a gig a week o_O

    I have to learn 26 songs before then... and my other band has a wedding gig the day after :)

    REALLY enjoyed it last night though, totally different mindset. I've always been a lead guitarist so aside from the singer I've been the next front of the band so to speak. Sitting in the rhythm section is so much more chilled but not easy by any means. I've always been wary of guitar players who play bass and I'm trying to get my head into a totally rhythm based space. Bass is it's own instrument.

    Any tips from other Guitarists who play bass?
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    Don't overplay....listen to and watch drummer.
    Less is generally better.
    I had to step into bass in college band. Luckily there was a good teacher
    in other guitar player (who was a great bass player but wanted to be out front).
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    Oct 12, 2016
    Congrats on the gig!! Sounds awesome!

    I've recently started playing some bass and I thought to myself it would be cool to be a bass player in a band. In my last band I realized just how much a good bass player can carry a band. Have fun!!

    No tips aside from when in doubt, less is more.
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