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Feb 20, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
Hey everyone! My name is Chris and I live in So Cal, right on the coast near LA Harbor. I have been playing on and off since about age 13, and I was in a thrash metal band called "Noxious Velocity" with some friends from Venice High School back on the 80s.

One of my first guitars I learned on was a crappy used mini-squire I got at a pawn shop for like 50 bucks, and that's the only Fender I ever owned. I have owned many other guitars since, with my favorite being a blue-crackle painted Charvel made in Japan (which I bought in Tokyo when I was stationed there in the Navy).

So, why am I here today? I have a friend who's wife works at Fender, and I thought if I'm ever going to spend a lot of $$ on a guitar it would be nice to get that employee discount. She started there a couple of years ago, but every time I looked on the site I didn't see anything I liked (into shredders, if ya know what I mean). I was ready to give up and move onto something else in the 600-700 price range cause I started playing a lot during covid and found some guys at my work who want to get a band going post-pandemic.

Low and behold, Fender comes out with this rockin beauty (made in Japan!!) retro 80s Boxer series in silver and black, so I grabbed it (for $500 off retail price of 1199 how could I go wrong?). Let's just say it's by far the nicest guitar I have now, and I absolutely LOVE that it stays in tune despite having no locking nuts at the head or tremolo, making it super flexible to change to any tuning on the fly.

I included my garage band pics as well, which I just finished setting up in anticipation of jamming again soon...


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May 4, 2020
Welcome to the forum!

I've been considering that same model myself. I've got two MIJ Strats and an MIJ Charvel (all from the 80s) and love them. Can't beat that Japanese craftsmanship!


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Oct 16, 2018
I’m torn between getting the Boxer and a LP junior. I’m thinking I will only be able to buy one guitar this year. I want to make it count.might also keep my eyes open for a used Jackson USA. Say what size are the frets on the boxer?

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Jul 9, 2011
Indiana USA

The Sherwood Metallic Green one arrived yesterday direct from Fender (no discount :/ no candy a la Sweetwater :/ ), heading for a local pro set-up.

I had the HSS version with a System III tremolo back in the mid 80s when I was down to this and an SG into which I installed a Kahler. Today, the Boxer is the fifth Stratocaster I have (2 MIA, 2 MIM and now a MIJ). This was a total nostalgia purchase, but at least I don't have to "settle" for a used one from back in the day or a Squier that I have to modify.