My friend Scott.

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Apr 21, 2011
Nunyo, BZ
I met Scott back in the mid 80's at a songwriters showcase at a pub called McGinty's on Wilshire near 26th St. in Santa Monica. I was playing guitar for a singer/songwriter named Barb Donovan and he was doing his thing.

After watching our set he came over and introduced himself. We talked music until the bar closed, then went to his house on 6th St. and talked and played until dawn.

We just clicked. Over the years I've played hundreds of gigs with him, played on sessions. He was truly a constant in my life, and I love him like the big brother he turned out to be.

We played just about everywhere in L.A. backs of name it.
There was a club in Santa Monica called the Amazon, and we played in a treehouse ten feet above the ground. LoL

He produced Talk To Your Daughter for Robben Ford. He also had the best ears of anyone I've ever met.

He was always there for me, and I was always there for him.

This year, at 69 years young, Scott left us.

This is one of our last gigs together, doing a song he wrote. Scott on vocals and slide guitar. Me on the Telecaster. GA Beals on harp. Teru Sato on bass. Jim Doyle on drums.

Scott, Teru, and yours truly. Young men making noise.


See you soon brother.
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Nate D

Dr. Stratster
Apr 2, 2016
Philly, PA
Great tune. Sorry to hear about your friend. It sucks when a good one goes. But you’re still here and I’m here for you.

This is a good tribute.

Also- I hear more Clapton and Page in your playing here than I do now. I love it- it’s great. :)

Nate D

Dr. Stratster
Apr 2, 2016
Philly, PA
One of our first gigs together I was playing my black Strat through my 62 Tremolux. I was using an Arion Digital delay. Not on the floor, on top of the amp and always on.

On a break, Scott asked me to take it out of the chain. "Just trust me Chris".

On the friggin' nose.

The track above is the amp I played when we jammed in Phoenix. ;)
That amp and my blue meanie are special. :)


Apr 12, 2021
Sorry for your loss. The story brings back memories of my time in Santa Monica, lived at Arizona and 9th. If I recall correctly, McGinty’s became Sonny’s( where I drank copious amounts of beer and sang karaoke)

By the way I like the Guild acoustic in that pic:)

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