My friend Scott.


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Mar 15, 2015
Sachse TX behind the cemetary
There's just not many people left who remember the 25 year old me. Let alone the teenager or the little kid. Maybe a couple. The rest are gone. It's a weird thing to wrap your head around.

Loss happens to us all. The sudden or unexpected ones are the toughest. Kinda thought Scotto would be around a bit longer. :(
Ahhh, but you had him. Many of us have never collected any long term friends. There are people we know, but not that we have shared important stuff with. Ya'll got to hang out and play and do stuff. It's hard to come by people to do those things with.

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Feb 28, 2022
I find trying to comment or say something helpful in these sort of situations often leaves me wishing I kept my mouth shut.

But yeah I mean for some years now I keep seeing my seniors depart and find myself taking their place, but also see non seniors from my own age group (63) going.
I do not know of a single living blood relative, and I guess peer group friends have tended to live fast and die not all that old.

Figure I will very soon leave the place I grew up, left for 24 years to "be a musician", returned to when my Mother got old sick and finally passed, and now I am in a grieving process over leaving locale and people, but for good with no reason to return.

Funny, my wife pointed out that Italy has abandoned towns where they will pay you $30,000 to move there if you show you have money to pay your way, amounting to about the value of my house in Maine, which is all I got.
Arrived in life as a stranger, made friends and left them for greener places, made friends again and left those friends or they left.

I do not really have an old friend of the caliber of your friend Scott.
But I certainly have some understanding of the bittersweet love and grief I guess.

Otherwise I am at a loss.

Sorry man, nice that you have some music recordings and pictures to share, which distributes Scotts memory among us.


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May 30, 2013
SE England
Scott was my replacement family. Mom died when I was 4. Dad died when I was 14. Siblings...dead. Extended family...dead. I alone remain.

So...losing Scott, at this stage of the game, is right up there with them.

It's ok though. It's the way.
Oh man, I've just caught up with this, and it cuts me to the core. PM me Chris, if you'd like to talk. I'll phone you.