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Jun 25, 2017
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I got my strat about a month ago after looking at a lot of guitars. And I'd still been trying stuff on the amp side. I play in a small office/bedroom/den type space that was a kid's bedroom in a past life. So I don't need a lot of volume, but I still like a reasonably full sound, even at low volume. I've tried everything from a Mustang and a GT40 to a Bugera V5 to a Blues Cube Hot and thought I'd settled on a Vox modeling amp. I'd played both a VT20X and VT40X and neither of them had the bass kick of the Blues Cube Hot, but they're great sounding amps and work pretty well in a small space. But my local GC got one of the new little Vox Adio amps in and I figured I'd go play one just to check out whether they'd do the job - I'd love the portability since my wife and I spend a few months a year in a different small place and being able to take my amp would be really nice. Vox seems to be trying to get into the market that Yamaha has had pretty much to itself for quite a while with this little amp.

To my surprise, this amp is MORE than adequate for where I play. It gives up a little at the bass end to the VT40X, but it get's plenty loud, too loud really, for how I use an amp these days. And it's shockingly full sounding. So I brought it home, dialed in a few presets and I think I'm good to go. It has two three inch speakers and to say I was dubious would be an understatement, but they sound amazing - waaaaay better than I'd have thought possible. A lot of people say it looks like a purse and I can't argue with that (hence, the "P" in the thread title - new amp and new purse day), but it sounds a lot better than any of my wife's purses.

This amp won't get much respect and it wouldn't work in any sort of situation where you're playing for people or with drums, but for playing solo and the occasional jam with a friend of mine, it'll more than do. Does tricks too - you can use its app and stream music through bluetooth if you want to.


amp 1 by Ray, on Flickr

amp 2 by Ray, on Flickr
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