Dr. Stratster
Nov 1, 2019
State of Disbelief
Great little amps. I got a 5c someone threw in with a guitar I bought. Gave it to the boy as his first amp till he demonstrates he's committed. If I see that I'll let him have one of my Katanas.


Senior Stratmaster
May 10, 2020
Ok...first impression is that the Ultra channel gives that hot rodded and then some Marshall sound. A+

Haven't spent much time on the clean, but the little I did it was better than most Marshall's I've heard.

On the down side, the digi reverb outright SUCKS! lol That's ok, I have some nice 'verb pedals that go nicely in the loop. The plate 'verb on my Digitech Polaris gets me in that =\//-/= zone real nice.

Overall, so far for $250 can't complain.:)