Neck discolorations?


Feb 10, 2020
In a state of sunshine
Hey guys.

Have any of you seen or experienced this?

First two are of my rg921. The rest are from my rg3xxv.

It seems to be discolored where my hands touch the neck the most. It looks like when you get an oily spot on a piece of paper.
Both of these are indo-made ibbys and came with the satin finished necks (both are polished over time now).

I dont really care all that much about the color change. I am more concerned that the finish will separate from the wood or wear thru is these areas.

What say you guys? 20200518_112028.jpg 20200518_112016.jpg 20200518_111935.jpg 20200518_111927.jpg 15898155392944590175362301670767.jpg

It is interesting to see how my hands interact with the 2 Different neck shapes.