New Amp Day!


Nov 15, 2021
Mostly new, anyway. I just brought my new rig home from the shop, after making new cabinets to re-house my main combo.

I like Fender-style and Marshall-style cabinets (especially those with piping) and decided to combine them in my design... Fendall cabinets? Not sure if that's any better than Marsher. Anyway, glue-and-screw construction with rabbet joints and glued internal edge blocks for support. I used Fender-style tolex from Mojotone, applied with Wilsonart H2O contact adhesive. The piping was stapled in, against a 6" notched caul I made to allow the piping to evenly sit halfway into an edge rabbet that I cut around the external perimeter of the baffles. The badges are 18ga steel sheet with orange sparkle aerosol, with my logo stenciled in white and buried in brush-on gloss Polycrylic. They are mounted (tricky procedure) with brass screws.

- Torres Engineering kit from 2007, which is supposedly between a Princeton Reverb and a Blues Junior
- Master Volume and push/pull Mid-boost
- Three 12AX7s, two EL84s, and a 5Y3
- Chrome-plated faceplate that I lightly sanded for a brushed finish
- Smooth "jewel" lens that I made with acrylic rod, mounted in a threaded base that I removed the original faceted plastic from - amber LED bulb for less heat
- Original combo weighed 38lbs with a 12" Eminence Screamin' Eagle in a cabinet I made when way back when, but that became about 1200lbs after an injury

- 3/4" Lauan veneer-core plywood (yes, it really is, and is surprisingly high-quality)
- [Gasp!] Small vent to let heat escape because the power section gets pretty hot and it runs better when the temps are lower (I keep it covered with a piece of plastic when not in use, but I will make a removable cover for it)
- Flow-through baffle for ventilation

- 3/4" Baltic Birch (Woodcraft nearest me has great service!)
- Open-back
- Penn-Elcom recessed sprung handles on the sides and a Fender-style "strap" handle on top
- Grillcloth is Guilford of Maine FR701 "Grey Mix"
- Baffle has an 1/8" standoff around the perimeter and I got the grillcloth tight enough that it's almost like a drumhead
- Speaker is 12" Eminence Lil' Texas (only 4lbs!)
- 23"W x 19"T x 10"D and the sound of it is big and can be very loud
- With some precise settings, I never thought a 15w amp could offer so much headroom


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Frank Roberts

May 3, 2006
That is super clean looking and very professionally pulled off. It looks built to last.

Makes me yearn for a sound clip. How about it?


Nov 15, 2021
Thank you both!

I'll see what I can do about a recording. I've been wanting to start a YouTube channel and maybe this is the time to do it.


Nov 15, 2021
Here's an update about the amp.

I made a vent cover for the head with a piece of .080" Kydex. Careful hand sanding of the corners and edges made for a clean look. I drilled and tapped it for nylon studs (screws with heads cut off) that are the same size and thread pattern as single coil mounting screws. I wicked (as in wicking - not evil) in super glue from the top and bottom to keep them in place, then painted the tops black. The studs fit into holes drilled between external side openings in the metal grate.

At home, I keep the cover removed while the amp is in use, until about 20 minutes turning it off. I know, I know, plenty of Fender-style amps have worked for many years without venting (well, including this one), but feeling exactly how much heat builds up from the EL84s, 5Y3 and power transformer has always bothered me. It takes about 3hrs to really start getting toasty but I still dislike tubes mounted below the chassis, with nowhere for internal heat to easily dissipate. I'm looking at you, Leo.

Okay, that's all for now. Thank you and have a wonderful day :)



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