New family member day...(puppy)


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Dec 23, 2017
Congrats on getting a life long friend (from the dog's point of view). Good looking fella. He'll learn new tricks in no time. Housebreaking is always the true test of your bond with him. And you are gonna need a bigger bed. :)


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Jan 9, 2011
What's Max's story?
So, we went to a petting zoo and the the petting zoo had him in a cage in the sun with kids passing him around and he was covered in fleas. And my wife said "I'm taking that puppy". So I took his limp little body from the kids marched over to the proprietor and said "how much for this very abused dog"...they said 150$ and I said deal. Threw the cash at them and walked away with him. He is 9 weeks old and is half German shepherd and half Australian shepherd. We got him flea medicated and a couple baths and he has settled right in. I also have a sheltie and they have already become friends.

He has to be named maxaroni n'cheese because my sheltie is named Edward spagehettlton


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Dec 13, 2020
He LOVES you, man. Animals know and appreciate anyone who saves them from abuse and cares for them. They know and feel on a different level than us.

I would gladly flog anyone who abused him the way the petting zoo folks did.


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Jan 23, 2020
Congrats on your new best friend! I can smell the puppy breath from here. :)

Bro. You have no idea. I used to stop on the side of the road when people had puppies to sell or give away....

JUST so I could get some puppy breath! LMFAO!

Unfortunately, they passed a law here a couple of years ago, that put a fast stop to people selling puppies on the side of the road/in a parking lot. Boooooo!


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Jan 10, 2021
He is settling in and showing the kids whose boss.
That is hilarious... I had a picture of me, probably at age 2 or 3, in a harness and attached to the dog house, with our family dog (a golden) free and sitting next to me :D

That dog was amazing, he use to walk to school with us and make his way back after we entered the school...

I always told my parents that they didn't get it right when they started parenting and that the dog was supposed to be tied up, not me :D :D :D